Bags that make a difference

From tea bag to yoga bag

Our BlooM Yoga Ragbags are made from large tea bags in  South India. In this southern part of India, a lot of tea is grown on large plantations in the green hills of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The tea leaves are transported in bags. Ragpickers collect these large tea bags, also known as “big bags,” from tea factories, restaurants, and hotels to prevent them from ending up in garbage piles. Production takes place in a small workshop on the roof of a house owned by the mother-in-law of Mr. Raghu, the owner of the workshop. This location is known as “the rooftop factory.” Take a look in the rooftop factory!

Fair trade

Bloom Yoga Ragbag is a fair trade brand. We pay fair prices for our Yoga Bags to support ragpickers, workshop staff, and their families. Our business partner and bags brand Ragbag has won several prizes for corporate responsibility.


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